Sunday, August 10, 2014

...and we start the final week of summer break.

So.  Summer is ending.  I've never had a grown-up job where I worked year-round (except for those miserable, energy draining two years of teaching online over the summers, when I had a total of two weeks to prepare between spring and summer, and between summer and fall semesters, and had to spend those weeks rebuilding the book and the class--and still didn't make $10,000 for the year).  So, for me, a new year is about to begin. 

We have a busy week lined up, this week.  I will be meeting a colleague and helping him out tomorrow morning, while Odysseus takes the kids and goes and gets cat food.  Tuesday night, we'll be taking the imp and pixie (and their school supplies) to the school's open house to meet their teachers (and leave their supplies in their classroom.  Wednesday, we'll be taking advantage of some slightly cooler weather to take the kids to the zoo before school starts on Thursday.  Classes for Odysseus and me start the following week.

I have not yet put my classes together, though I have edited the class text for the few mistakes my students last semester noted.  I plan to do that Thursday morning, while the pixie is watching something, or playing with her tablet. 

This coming Friday is when the class site will be made available for my incoming students.  So, I'm cutting it kinda tight, mostly because I don't want to be thinking of it yet.  Because two or three weeks in, I'm looking at the resurgence of grading.

Which, I must admit, is the one part of teaching that I am absolutely not looking forward to.  And one of the reasons I've procrastinated so much on getting the class site together, when it's been ready since the 28th of July.


  1. HOpefully Blackboard will work when you actually try putting stuff up...


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