Monday, August 4, 2014

My hands still hurt.

So, I went on a writing binge yesterday.  Wound up adding a lot to the chapter I'd thought I had finished on Friday, didn't get the one I'd planned to do written Saturday, then wrote two chapters last night.  There was a goodly amount of long-hand, as well as nearly 11,000 words typed into Fire and Forge.  It's currently sitting at 46, 000 words, just over 2/3 of the length of Pendragon Resurgent.

I honestly didn't have much choice.  The characters wanted out, wanted out last night, and wouldn't leave me alone until I got done what they wanted done.  I fell into bed right around ten 'til one this morning. 

And my hands are still aching a bit.  Partially because I have most of another chapter insisting on coming out, and coming out mostly in longhand. 

No, I don't write for the paycheck.  I write to get the characters in my head to shut the fuck up and give me some goddamn peace so that I can fucking sleep.

But really, writing is going well.  I'm well on schedule to get this finished in the first draft before the end of the month.  Possibly before the end of the first week of semester. 


  1. It's interesting you say that. Stephen King once told someone who asked him why he writes the stories he writes, "what makes you think I have a choice?"

    1. The man tells good stories, and he's right on this, but he's an idiot that can't write grammatically if his life depended on it. Thank God for editors.