Thursday, August 21, 2014

A bit better, today.

So, last night, after his very bad behavior day, the imp spent from the time he got home from school until the time he took a shower* and went to bed.  Nor was he permitted to play with his toys this morning.  Instead, he sat in the kitchen with his breakfast, and then on the couch with a book (until he hit his sister with it, and got sent back into the kitchen).  He got talked to by Mommy, then Daddy about what is acceptable behavior, and the minimum we expect from him while he's at school.

Something worked.  He had a green day today (about a C were I giving behavior letter grades--acceptable, but not great).  There are three colors above green, just as there are three below green, and when he gets above green, he gets a treat.

Yes, we have made that clear.  Yes, we will continue to emphasize that. 

No, I do not expect that it will work all the time.  He is, after all, my son.

On the upside, the imp came home telling us that three of his classmates (sixteen in the classroom) got orange or red days.  So at least it's not just him. 

And with the imp, one of the biggest influences on his behavior is routine: a solid routine means his behavior will be pretty good; a new or broken routine?  Yeah...not so much.  So, we've just got to be a bit patient, and emphasize what he should be doing at school (listening to the teacher, doing what he's told, not talking in class, etc.).

*Last night's shower was a first, for him.  I usually plonk him in the bath with bubble bath, and let him self-agitate; however, last night, I told him, "If you didn't stop playing when your teacher told you to, then you've played enough, and you can't play anymore today."  He was scared, at first, but then enjoyed it immensely.

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