Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Having quite a lot of fun...

So, I now have six fountain pens--my red Parker Vector (my first one, which I am still quite fond of), my red Jinhao dragon pen, and my four Jinhao 250 pens. 

I also now have several colors of bottled ink.  I have blue, inspired blue (i.e., turquoise), green, and red in Waterman, and have received my order of Noodler's Burgandy and Purple.  I still haven't gotten my black, nor have I gotten the pen which I'm going to use for the black.

The Noodler's ink comes in very plain, very, very full glass jars--full all the way up to the very brim.  There's ink on the underside of the lid because there's no air space in the jar.  The Waterman's ink is only filled up to the bottom of the very pretty bottle's neck.

Yes, I'm having fun playing with filling my pens.  Having a lot of fun writing with the different colors of ink. 


  1. Hehehe, glad you're having some fun!

    1. Part of the fun is trying to teach the kids to say "burgundy."