Monday, August 25, 2014

kids are abed...

It's been a busy afternoon.  The imp came home with his calendar colored purple--that's one short of being the best possible day.  He got stickers/stars on two worksheets he brought home, and so we saw fit to reward him: we took him to his favorite fast food place (Culver's--better, by far, than any other burger chain that I've found) for dinner, and he got to watch Top Gear with his daddy. 

We also snuck in time to go to Sam's Club--parents are responsible for providing the kindergarten class with snacks twice a month, so we got cheese filled cheese crackers: a package of forty little packages.  There are sixteen in the class, so...yeah.  One package equals snack time twice for the whole class.

Better yet, we got the imp set up with a speech therapist.  He's now ready, and has the motivation to actually pay attention and try.  And the speech therapist has a master's degree in that, not a degree in education with a class in it, or a social worker with a professional development seminar.  Yes, she's going to cost money, money we wouldn't have to spend were we willing to put up with "services" offered through the local school districts.  However.  I'm more than willing to pay for higher quality therapy than we could get for free.  The flyer and referral from his teacher to this individual came at a spectacularly good time--I was gearing up for a speech therapist search that we'd be paying for out of pocket, since I am not willing to deal with the local public schools.

So, yes.  It's been a long day.  A busy day.  A productive day. 

Overall, a good day.

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