Saturday, August 9, 2014

Random ramblings

Apparently, the imp greatly adores my fountain pens.  And my ink colors.  He got into them, this morning--the red and the turquoise--and sloshed a tiny bit on himself and the floor.  It didn't look like it was a tiny bit, but there wasn't a noticeable amount gone from the bottles. 

He confessed himself disappointed by looking in the bottles.  Inside the bottles, the ink looks black. 

He has decided he wants a fountain pen, too.  I've told him that he can have one after he's learned how to write with a pen (which, I guess, I'll be teaching him after he learns how to write--the promise of brightly colored ball point pens went a long way to getting him to be willing to learn). 

The pixie just loves the look of the fountain pens.  And there are a lot of beautiful, inexpensive pens in her favorite colors that she would dearly love to have, especially with all of the possibilities of ink colors. 

School starts for them at the end of next week.  Tuesday has an open house where we take them to meet their teachers and put their supplies in their desks; the imp starts on Thursday, and the pixie on Friday.  They're looking forward to it immensely. 

I, on the other hand, am not.  I really do have trust issues, especially where my children's safety is concerned.

The cats are quite pleased with the changes around here.  They were here for three months before we brought the dog home, and have never enjoyed having her around.  Then again, the dog also didn't care for the cats (although she and Cricket would play when they were both bored). 

Odysseus and I have one more week before our university starts back up.  I've got the issues my students last semester noted in the textbook revised, but I'll still need to set the course sites up.  It shouldn't take long, though.  It'll just be a lot of copying and pasting from one of my old courses to my new shells.  And I'll have around two and a half week after school starts before the first paper comes due.

I also need to note in my calendar when our days off happen to be for the fall semester, and create my schedule of due dates.  I've already got the kids' days marked.

I had some trouble, night before last, with the 20th chapter of Fire and Forge.  I'd gotten something like a page written, and it...stalled.  I couldn't get anything else out.  So, I gave up on it, and set it aside to think about.  Yesterday evening, I picked up a notebook and approached the chapter from a different direction (and different character's perspective)...and wrote six pages in about an hour.  

Because of that little issue, I'm about a day behind where I'd planned to be.  I'll have to play catch-up today.


  1. My wife's school starts up for kids on Monday. It was a very short summer.

    1. Yeah, it did seem that way. I'm not ready to go back, yet.

  2. Working full time, I really tend 'not' to pay attention, except to b**ch about the increased traffic... :-)

    1. I never left school, just changed which side of the big desk I sat on. My year starts in August, and ends in May. I confuse normal people when I say "next year" and mean August or September instead of, y'know, *next year*.