Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yet another good cause

This guy's GoFundMe page was linked over at His Wiser Angel's page, then over at Wirecutter's.  He's in trouble, financially--had his shoulder destroyed, and is pretty much completely unable to work.  He's asked for enough to pay medical bills off, and a few other things, but not as much as he needs to completely clear the board where what he owes is concerned.  From his own words:

My right shoulder was destroyed in September, 2012. I have not been able to work, and even though I went to court last October and was found to be disabled, I have not received any financial aid to date.They put in a metal replacement, but there is no muscle to attach to allow movement, and aches constantly. My wife only makes $9.00 an hour, and even though my landlord is a good man, I currently owe him $1600.00 in current and back rent, my electric will be shut off February 3rd, because I had to choose between that or gas, and heating my home won. I have just been served notice I have to go to court on February 28th for $6,747.13 over medical bills I can't pay. And of course I owe the IRS over $6000.00 and the State just over $1,000, but they can hold their breath. I have already sold anything I ever had worth anything, so there is nothing left for them to take. 

For the past several days, I've been eye-balling our budget, trying to find where we could pull out a few dollars to donate, but I simply can't find anything that hasn't either been spent, or been earmarked for something we have to have.  And it won't change until I get paid for the first time for the semester on the last working day of February. 

I know that not all of my readers can afford much, if anything.  I also know that not all of my readers read Wirecutter or Angel, and might have missed the page. 

The guy isn't asking for a lot.  He's asked for ten grand out of the more than fourteen he owes various agencies and such. 

And even ten or fifteen can help.  I just don't have the ten or fifteen to spend, until after 2/28.

If I had it, I would give.  I would give as much as I had.  Why?  Because while I don't believe that it's the government's place to hand out my money to people, I do believe that it is my place to help take care of my neighbor, as The Good Samaritan did. 


  1. The cynic in me (from having donated to so many people and never ONCE having received a simple thank you) read this and immediately caught the "my shoulder was destroyed" line. OK. How? In a brawl? Negligence? Drunkenness? Sure would be nice to know......... And, yes, it makes a difference. You see, if it happened at work he'd have said. If he had a home accident from doing repairs he'd have said. If it was a car accident where someone plowed into him he'd have said.

    1. What is the status of his SSA disability claim? Something is amiss here....from my experience you don't have to hold a gun to SSA's head to get your entitled disability $$. ??????

    2. Anonymous--I'm pretty sure I read about what happened to the guy last year. A gun he was target shooting with came apart rather disastrously, taking his shoulder with it.

      OCM--Sometimes, you don't. But sometimes you do. My aunt has been found for, as of last summer, and she hasn't seen a single penny of it, yet.

    3. SSA is not anti people-- If they have not 'paid' since summer..WHY??????

      Something is amiss....

    4. I wouldn't be surprised if, like a lot of the recent audits by the IRS, this was politically motivated.

  2. Heroditus, I have to thank you. And I'd like to let Mr. Anonymous know that I have personally thanked EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has sent me a generous donation. Whether 5.00 or 100.00. AND, I appreciate those who can't afford it sending me five dollars as much or more than those sending me 500.00 who can! For those who doubt my veracity in my claims that disability is not paying me SSD after having been determined eligible on October 10, 2013, please request my validating documentation at I will gladly send you not only my own correspondence with the SS administration, but that of the office of Senator James M. Imhofe, and my lawyer, Michael Bell. As to the incident itself that caused my disability: I was shooting at a range with my son in law, and we swapped guns because "You just HAVE to shoot this AR-15" and he shot my .12Ga. When we put the guns away, he left one in the chamber of my shotgun. When I took it out of the trunk 2 days later and 200 miles away, it caught on 'something', (I still have no idea what) and discharged approximately 10 inches away from my right shoulder.
    If you choose not to assist me, that is between you and your conscience. But you WILL NOT impugn my honor as a veteran and a DEDICATED member of the III who will STILL stand for YOUR fucking freedom!
    Steven C. Vanderfuckinghoff AKA Xenolith!

  3. Heroditus, it was Hiswiserangel that forwarded this blog link to me. God bless you. Please feel free to publish my comment above as a post. It took a lot for me to humble myself. I'd like to set the story straight. And also, now that Angel has 'turned me on' to your blog, I will be adding it to my blogroll, and following also. And your posting this notice means more to me than a monetary donation. Consider your obligation to a neighbor paid in FULL.
    YOU are why I will stand for America.
    Steve Vanderhoff (aka Xenolith)
    PS: Ain't that Angel sumthin?


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