Monday, February 10, 2014

Nom nom nom...

My darling, adorable, sweet cousin had a friend give her a two pound tube of ground venison.  She had no idea what to do with it, so she brought it to me. 

It has been thawed.  It's sitting in my fridge, awaiting the right time to be turned into chili.

The beans for the chili are almost done.  Therefore, it's time to put the meat on to cook, and work on cleaning the kitchen.

Oh, by the way, Tam?  You really nailed it with your description of your feelings on yet more snow.

I am sick to death of snow dumped on us every couple of days.  I live in Southern Missouri, where we're supposed to get snow no more often than every two or three weeks. 

Hence...chili.  Venison chili.

There's little better for a snowy day's lunch, when Odysseus is going to have to go to work, even if he didn't have to go to class.


  1. That chili will be fine. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Since I expect to be snowed in for at least four days here, I got a ham out of the freezer and thawed it. That should keep me going.

    1. It was good today, and will be better tomorrow. Leftover chili is the best.