Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A response

Left by Steven Vanderhoff (aka, Xenolith) in a comment a couple of posts down:

Heroditus, I have to thank you. And I'd like to let Mr. Anonymous know that I have personally thanked EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has sent me a generous donation. Whether 5.00 or 100.00. AND, I appreciate those who can't afford it sending me five dollars as much or more than those sending me 500.00 who can! For those who doubt my veracity in my claims that disability is not paying me SSD after having been determined eligible on October 10, 2013, please request my validating documentation at xenolith1964@yahoo.com. I will gladly send you not only my own correspondence with the SS administration, but that of the office of Senator James M. Imhofe, and my lawyer, Michael Bell. As to the incident itself that caused my disability: I was shooting at a range with my son in law, and we swapped guns because "You just HAVE to shoot this AR-15" and he shot my .12Ga. When we put the guns away, he left one in the chamber of my shotgun. When I took it out of the trunk 2 days later and 200 miles away, it caught on 'something', (I still have no idea what) and discharged approximately 10 inches away from my right shoulder.
If you choose not to assist me, that is between you and your conscience. But you WILL NOT impugn my honor as a veteran and a DEDICATED member of the III who will STILL stand for YOUR fucking freedom!
Steven C. Vanderfuckinghoff AKA Xenolith!
So, that's how his shoulder was destroyed.  Not his fault, not at all.

And, like I said: my aunt was found for last summer, and hasn't seen a penny yet.  I'd love to see internal memos to see if it's because the money's just not there, and why, or if TPTB are just punishing people for not toeing the line--my aunt is a fundamental Christian conservative, and as for Steven...well.  He's one of those the government has labeled a terrorist.

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