Friday, February 7, 2014

FFOT: ugh...

Everybody in the house being sick to varying degrees over the course of a week can fuck the fuck off.  I'm half sorry the imp got over his so quick--he's easier to handle when he's feeling bad.

The weather can fuck off, while I'm ranting at things larger than human activities.  I moved south, away from northern Kansas, to get away from this shit. 

Radical feminism's abilities to pervade everything and spoil everything it touches can really fuck off.  I'd go on a real rant about that, but I feel too crappy to really be able to pull it off.

Go ahead and sound off in the comments.


  1. My bitch this week is going out of town to start a project, finding that a boss that retired at the first of the year didn't tell the project manager he was giving it up, and having to go to a chickenshit meeting with the butt-hurt project manager and the plant manager, so they could feel good about dealing with the people that really made it all happen during the last few years.

    The asshole could have said something, had the responsible parties get together to go over the project, and I wouldn't have spent too much time dealing with bullshit.

    Some people are exceptional at being total assholes. There should be an award; with a gauntlet. That way, everyone could show their appreciation to the offender. My preference would be a Louisville Slugger to show my appreciation.

    1. Sounds like some of the lovely individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing...

      I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.