Saturday, February 22, 2014

random ramblings

Saturday morning cartoons are shit, anymore.  I think I've said that before, but it's infuriating, so it bears repeating.

The kids watched Alice in Wonderland.

And there is still nothing on for the kids.

Today is Odysseus's birthday.  We're going to head out and do some shopping, then do lunch.  I had initially planned to do pork stew meat fajitas, but the meat isn't thawed, and will likely take until sometime tomorrow (frozen so cold that I had to juggle it into the kitchen sink to keep from burning my fingers).  Same with the berries for the cobbler I'd planned.  So, instead of making a birthday meal at home, we're going out, and I'll make the goodies tomorrow.

I think John Ringo is having a joygasm: Within Temptation's new album has the lead singer for Nightwish in a duet, and it is awesome.  See?

Yes, I have now ordered the album on Amazon.  Coolest thing--it comes with an MP3 version in Amazon's Cloud player, so I don't have to wait until Tuesday to listen to it. 

We currently have the world's happiest Scotty dog.  She's out in her pen outside.  She honestly didn't mind that I forgot her outside last night while I was grading.  I think she'd have been happy to have been left out all night, if I'd remembered to feed her.

The cats...are cats.  Shadow pranks Cricket, Cricket gets startled and farts, and Shadow runs away with her ears laid back.  Happens nightly, now. 

I managed to figure out a good way to grade papers, last night: I put a movie in the DVD player (Captain America, last night), and got 22 papers done in about two and a half hours.  Apparently, typing the comments into the gradebook isn't just easier on my hands, but faster. 

Tonight, I'll probably watch The Avengers, and grade the rest. 

Tomorrow...I'll try to write that transition that's giving me fits in Pendragon Resurgent.  I've been stuck on it for a week.  If it doesn't come, I'm just going to leave a blank spot and move on to finish the first draft, and see if writing it out long-hand makes a difference after the rest is done.


  1. I remember the really old Popeye cartoons, Road Runner, Tom and Jerry, Johnny Quest.....the list goes on.

    I tried to watch Spongebob Square Pants, years ago, while waiting to have an abscess lanced. I was lost, found the artwork sadly lacking and was glad to be relieved of the event, by chewing on a pillow as the nurse practitioner dug into the bottom the abscess.

    1. Yup. Cannot stand, and will not permit my kids to watch, most modern cartoons. There was a study about SpongeBob that came out a few years ago, that demonstrated that there was a drop of around 5-15 points in IQ of small children that watched it, and a shortened attention span in all ages.

      Sad thing is PBS is also devolving. Sesame Street is worthless, now.

      We have some Tom & Jerry DVDs, some Looney Toons, and a few educational things from Nick Jr. We have some of the animated Disney movies, and they get to watch a little bit of anime.