Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doesn't surprise me.

Just read another story about a newborn baby thrown in the trash by his teenaged mother.  Ho-hum. 

Yet...people in the comments were shrieking about the evil of the act, like it's worse to throw away a baby that was still covered in afterbirth than it is to vacuum one out of the womb and kill it.

Honestly, people--what did you expect?  You make life disposable with pro-abortion laws and advocacy,* and assisted-suicide laws, and euthanasia laws, and then you scream about a young girl who's internalized the lessons you didn't realize you were teaching? 

Grow a soul, and stop holding the attitude that when someone else's life is inconvenient, it should be ended.  Stop pressuring the world to agree with your morality that it's okay to choose to end someone else's life.  Stop equating the murder of babies with using a condom or taking a birth control pill.

And maybe, just maybe, sixteen year old girls will stop seeing their new infants as disposable trash.

*I do not advocate changing the law to make abortion illegal for a doctor to perform--just illegal to choose as a "contraception" method after the heart starts beating.


  1. Pretty soon mothers will have the option to kill their babies up to maybe a day after birth. This will be for the poor people who can't afford testing to see if the child has a birth defect before birth. Of course 0bama care will also mandate old people be given killed off after they are no longer productive to society or at least deny them care. It is a long slippery slope once you cheapen life.

    1. If that happens, I'm going to start lobbying for an open season on politicians and lawyers.

  2. No wonder I try not to watch the news. So much of it is grim beyond words.

  3. I have been watching these assholes for decades. Trust me, they want the right to abortion
    to extend to the 45th Trimester. These same idiots want to allow for killing Grandma in order
    to inherit her wealth. The founder of Planned Parenthood was a raging racist and eugenicist
    that would make Hitler and Kahn from Star Trek proud! She wanted to use birth control and
    abortion to wipe out the black race.

    She is succeeding because 2/3 of all black babies in New York are being aborted. Most of
    the abortion mills are situated in minority neighborhoods. Welcome to Obama's brave new

    1. I know that about Sanger. And there are a few people I'd love to give after-birth abortions to. But you're entirely correct that certain parts of the political aristocracy would love to see eugenics carried out openly, and would love to see minorities and those who are politically unreliable (like yours truly) wiped out.

      Where I disagree is that it all comes down to Obama. He's the symptom, not the cause. If you want to blame someone, blame the puppet-master, George Soros.