Saturday, February 15, 2014

Random ramblings

Not a whole lot happened, last week.  Not that I noticed while suffering the migraine, anyway.  Thursday, in particular, was miserable.  I had class, then office hours.  I spent the day in sunglasses and in my coat, with the hood pulled up, to block as much light as I possibly could. 

Then yesterday, it started to fade.  Right now, I feel like I'm about an hour or two away from it being totally gone. 

Thank God.  I have a massive amount of work to catch up on.  I've barely kept up with the dishes.  I have to get the clean laundry sorted out and put away, and then do the towels and sheets.  I need to clean the bedrooms, the living room, and the kitchen.  And then, we will be spending tomorrow visiting my family.

Speaking of family, the imp has spent the past couple of nights with Grandma and Grandpa.  Odysseus left at around ten to go get him from the half-way point about two hours ago, and should be home any time.

The pixie, who is currently sitting on the couch, has requested a movie that's sat on our kids' DVD shelf for more than a year.  It, for some reason, caught her attention this morning.  So, for the first time in more than twenty years, I will be half watching An American Tail.  It's a double feature, so I'll likely watch Fievel Goes West directly afterwards.

Headphones and iTunes, here I come.

The weather has massively improved--our projected lows for the week are all about five to ten degrees higher than last week's highs, and our highs...are in the fifties and sixties.  The dog is in heaven: she's outside, where she much prefers to be. 

The cats are in high spirits: we ran out of dry cat food yesterday, and they got canned last night.  One of the two dropped a #2 a few minutes ago that apparently got her feeling like playing, and the other one is joining in with enthusiastic abandon. 

How do I know about the #2?  I can smell it from the opposite end of the house.

As for classes...we lost two class days to snow days.  A whole week's worth, for a Tuesday/Thursday class, like mine.  My students lost their scheduled freewrite day, and I had to push back the due date from last Thursday to next Tuesday.  They'll lose the freewrite for their next paper, too, to make up for the second day lost and get us back on my schedule. 

What's that about future snow days?  Easy: we'll treat those as if we have an online class, with a lecture posted in the announcements, and a brainstorming thread in the discussion board. 

Which brings me to writing: I'm back on it.  Slow going, but I'm back.  I'm going to try for a chapter today.


  1. I don't know which is worse, the smell of a #2, or the feeling of a cold wet hairball oozing between your toes on the way to the bathroom at 2 in the morning! ;-)

    1. My cats are rude--they scratch doors, and shove them open (neither the kids' bathroom nor our bedroom door latches well, and will pop open to a good bump), and Cricket yowls loudly when she can't find me, or when she's got her toy. The cats get shut in the pantry with the dog.

      Therefore, for us, the stench of a #2 is far worse than the hairball--which gets horked up on a cement pantry floor, isn't stepped on by bare feet, and is easy to clean up.

      Your experience may be different, but...

  2. Oh man. I remember when one of my parents' cats got old, and wouldn't eat, and so they'd entice her to eat with tuna.

    Tuna does something weird and awful to cat flatulence. And it seemed like she'd hold it all in, and then release a massive SBD one the moment you picked her up.

    1. Cricket (the black and white cat that never shuts up) tends to release SBDs anytime she's startled. Shadow (the black cat) will wait until the dog is shut up in her kennel for the night to drop the stinky #2s. And she stares at the dog while she does it.