Friday, February 21, 2014

FFOT: monsters

I was thinking about telling the government in the Ukraine to fuck off...or our very own King Putt's administration for deciding to put political officers in newsrooms nationwide...but then, this happened. 

The fucking creep snatched a little ten year old girl off the street, took her home with him, did who knows what to her, put a .22 round into her head, then cut her in half, put her in trash bags, then into a pair of Rubbermaid tubs. 

My first reaction was horror.

My second was rage.

This fucking fuck carefully chose his pathway into becoming employed by the school: subcontracted employees aren't looked into by the school, and often, their primary employers don't run background checks either.  Yes, he was eventually hired full-time, but by then, he'd been working there for a while, and likely wasn't checked out then, either.  

Parents in the school whose children were remanded into this man's "care" in the in-school suspension program need to have their children checked over very carefully.  There's no way he went from "normal" to "snatch a child off the street" in a snap. 

The monster deserves to be bent over a railing in prison, with his wrists tied to his ankles, and left there.  Until he's suffered the full horror of what he put that little girl through. 

Then, he needs to be buggered by a giant rainbow horse dick until something ruptures and kills him. 

The school system needs to be sued to closure.

Every monster who touches a child like that needs to die by rape with something far too large for their bodies to handle.

And every bleeding heart pervert leftist who whines about rehabilitation, and who tries to get such "normalized" needs to join them. 

Monsters aren't broken and in need of repair.  The only thing that can be done is to put them down before they harm someone else.  


  1. Eff yes. I'm close enough to Missouri that this has been on the local news here. It's upsetting and infuriating.

    Put the "monsters" down like we would do with a rabid dog. We don't go around saying, "Oh, if we just wait a while, the dog will get better. If we talk it out with him, he'll get better."

    Supposedly there are also cases of child molesters legally changing their name so they can "hide" in public.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised. That particular monstrosity has a 97% recidivism rate...and I think that's probably a low estimate.

      We're an hour away from that. And there's one from Eldon that's just removed his court-ordered GPS bracelet and disappeared--something like three or four hours from us.

  2. He should get a fair trial. present all of the evidence and if the jury finds him guilty (which they will). March his ass out onto the courthouse steps. Have all of the big networks there and blow his brains out on live national TV. After a few of these, the pedo's will start learning that if they fuck with our children we will kill them. The bleeding heart liberal idiot pisswits can just get over it. The death penalty does curb crime, even if it is on a one to one basis. That SOB won't commit any more crimes. There sure are a lot of pedo's in the education field. It's called a target rich environment.

    1. Robert--yep, yep. I like the idea of instant, public executions on being found guilty of touching children like that. Who knows how many children they've harmed before they get caught?

      And yep, I can definitely see that. My male genetic donor "volunteered" to coach sixth grade basketball and tee-ball during the summer. Guess why...


    2. A method like that would be the only way it would be successful as a deterrent. 20 years on death row while your appeals run out doesn't look to bad to these monsters.