Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well, DUH!!

Stop the presses! Our government has (finally) realized that the cold war never ended!

Rather, they've decided that it's time to ceace joint military ventures, like the naval war games that were supposed to begin Friday, and that we "will re-evaluate [our] relationship" with Russia.

It seems, sometimes, like our government is the only one who hasn't seen it. Fred Thompson, former Republican Presidential contender, says that "for some time we’ve seen Russia sliding back to its authoritarian comfort zone" and that the USSR has been pressuring its former pieces to stop trading with the West, and issuing outright threats to NATO over admitting former provinces like Poland into the organization. He continues by stating that, like I believe, this invasion is nothing more than the logical next step. I don't know what he suggests we should do, considering the emasculated allies we deal with but, "... the one thing we must not do is allow Russia to feel it can get away with, let alone feel rewarded for, this invasion of a sovereign democratic nation that has also loyally supported coalition efforts in Iraq."

Actually, reading further, Frank Gaffney of the National Review has some pretty good suggestions. Some of them aren't much, but they're a start. I especially like the idea of kicking Russia out of the G-8, and out of NATO. Especially kicking them out of NATO--they've been threatening everyone in Europe to prevent Georgia from being admitted. Gaffney suggests that we should admit Georgia and evict Russia. That appeals.

Unfortunately, I doubt that it will ease the fears of former Soviet Bloc countries, like Poland and the Ukrane. Especially not while Russian tanks roll on.

Update: Poland has finished negotiations with us for a anti-missile defense shield. Can you blame them? Of course, the USSR is pissed.

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