Saturday, August 23, 2008

...and I think I heard a whinny...

Russia is still refusing to pull out of Georgia. Oh, of course they say they're going to, but once again, their actions are speaking louder than their words. Not to mention that what they say they're going to do in no way matches up to the treaty they signed: they say they're going to pull out of everywhere but disputed areas and security zones, but the treaty said that they'd be pulling out of all of Georgian territory, and back to where they were before the whole...incident.

We're not helping, either. The National Review's Charles Krauthammer calls NATO on it's weak response of dancing verbally around actually accusing Russia of doing anything wrong, and cancelling the next NATO-Russia meeting. Victor Davis Hanson, who writes for both the National Review and Townhall, discusses not NATO's response, but ours, criticizing our lack of unity in our responses.

There are times I want to have us go over there, take away all the toys, and tell the combatants to go sit in the corner. They can come out when they can behave, and get their toys back when they can play nice.

Update: Here's one of the reasons our lack of response to Russia's invasion of Georgia scares me just a little:

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