Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Somehow, I'm not surprised.

I never expected the truce to last. I was right. Putin and his probable puppet president didn't have Hitler's reasons to wait a few months: they know--too well, I think--that nothing will be done to stop them. Georgia warned us that they were going to be breaking the truce. I just don't think anyone realized how soon.

What's next? Some have posited that the next target will be the Ukrane. Why? Because they're also pro-U.S, and because they're also a former part of the USSR.

Once again, WHY? Because of Putin. He's former (and some say still) KGB.


  1. So, Putin, like most power-hungry pre-nucleic leaders (including W.)have one problem -- this goes all the way back to Nero -- they don't think anything through. My problem with this whole situation is not that Russia wants to essentially re-cohere the USSR. After all, we could use another cold war to help stimulate an American copulation of principles. The issue lies within the execution. Now you have two crazies going after each other, Putin and W., and the people are going to be caught in the middle once again. Only this time, we'll be trying to wipe radiation off our brow.

  2. Wow, Matt you have a interesting idea about Putin and President Bush and here I thought it was all about the OIL again. Russia has been trying to gain control of that area for a long time. The Cold War never stopped when the Wall came down it just hide in the shadows waiting to come out again. Puppet Master Putin is pulling the strings on this one.


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