Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where's Ghost when you need him?

Has anyone seen what Russia's been doing lately? This, when viewed in light of their history is a little bit nervous-making for me. They certainly seem to be returning to the pre-Regan default. I wonder if there's an unseen reason behind Russia's seeming-sudden attack, considering that we're starting to airlift Georgian troops home. It could be my paranoia making me see things that aren't there, but who's to say that they're not trying to isolate us before another cold (or not-so-cold) war?

I feel more and more like we're facing more enemies with fewer friends. It seems as if our traditional allies are losing their will to maintain freedom, what with Britain declaring that Sharia law is an acceptable substitute for British national law (indeed, is unavoidable, according to the Archbishop of Canterbury), socialism running rampant in Western Europe, and Spain withdrawing their troops from Iraq after a terrorist attack a few years ago. I'm not certain that France was ever an ally in more than name only. Same with modern Germany.

Oddly enough, it seems as if the former Soviet Block countries, and Japan (another former enemy) are our only real friends in this world. And none of these really have what it's going to take to have our backs against the countries that hate us. It really makes me nervous for the future of not only my country, but the whole world. I mean, really. Do we want Russia or China, neither of which has a really decent track record with supporting and sustaining human rights, stepping up when we fall?

Seriously, where's Ghost when you need him?

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