Monday, August 25, 2008

I was afraid of this.

And it seems, as I do more research, that it simply hadn't been reported on. Mexico has been crossing our border fairly regularly--for years. Not the illegal immigrant problem that the politicians debate about, but military incursions onto US soil that are either not reported on at all, or explained away as "just a misunderstanding."

The most recent? Maybe not military--yet--but that could change. Mexican drug cartels have given their hitters the okay to take out targets on US soil. "The cartels, battling one another and the Mexican government for supremacy and control of lucrative drug and human smuggling routes, have become brazen in their attacks in recent months." Juarez is an example of the violence that has broken out down there, and is now spilling across the border. What is our government doing? Issuing alerts to "stay vigilant."

Just before the warnings were issued, we had another "incursion" into our soverign territory: on 6 August 2008, about 85 miles southwest of Tuscon, Arizona, four Mexican army troops crossed the border, and caught and held a US border patrol agent--at gunpoint--for several minutes. The media (and our government) has said that it was a "simple misunderstanding," that the Mexican troops did not know they weren't in Mexico.

Bullshit. It was fenced with barbed wire. The Mexican troops had to have crossed the fence somehow. Worse? "Bonner said there have been at least a half-dozen situations in recent years in which Mexican soldiers have entered U.S. territory and shot at Border Patrol agents." Worse yet? If our agents fire back in self defense, they go away for a while.

By the way, it's probable that many of the, ahem, incursions across our borders are likely related to the drug cartels. Did you notice in the quote above that they're fighting the government for surpremacy? Oh, and this nice little tidbit is what takes that speculation out of the realm of paranoia into probability. Isn't it nice that the Mexican military hires out to kill targets in the United States, and does so with such overkill? Here is access to the police reports. Oh, and by the way. The date on that story? June of this year.

The Minutemen post videos. Judicial Watch posts Homeland Security's incursion reports for the past several years. 226 incursions between 1996 and 2005. More since.

We haven't done anything about it yet. We probably won't do anything about it for the foreseeable future. The local media is afraid to cover it. The national media simply won't. It's not politically correct.

I'll be watching this as closely as I am Russia.

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