Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Veepstakes and other political news


Mateo made a prediction about the veepstakes: that Biden was going to be Obama's running mate. Biden said, today, that he's not.

I don't pay enough attention to national politics to have a prediction. My only hope is that McCain names a true conservative as his running mate. For much the reasons Mateo mentions: Obama could drop dead of old age at any time. I'd like to see a good president, for once.


A large publishing house had contracted with an author to sell a book. The book, a historical romance, speculated on the life of Mohammed's child bride. Random House pulled the book, which was due to be released today, because of fears of violence. The author, Shirley Jones, said "'By saying that Muslims will be violent, that they can't intelligently discuss this book, it's disrespectful to Muslims,'...'it feels racist for them to say that someone will try to attack them, that someone will try to go after me.'"

I have to say, I agree. With the author, not the publisher. Whether there are threats of violence or not (the author says not), there comes a point at which we, as a society, must stand up and say "This will not be acceded to or tolerated." Now, whether or not we, as a society, have the testicular fortitude to stand up for our rights to think and speak...well, only history will be able to make that judgement. I'm not sure whether we do, but I'm also not sure that we don't.

Global Warming

A Mexican scientist said, Saturday, that we're not looking at global warming, but global cooling: that we're going toward an 60-80 year "mini ice age." Looking back at the weather in the Midwest this past spring and early summer, as well as other interesting weather patterns, I'd have to say he may have a point. (Damn you, John Ringo!)

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