Friday, March 30, 2018

Huh. It works.

As most of my regular readers/friends know, I've been trying to learn to live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a few years without really giving up a whole lot of my former lifestyle that I don't have to give up.  I mean, I've given up enough already.  I don't want to give up anymore.

So, I went researching to figure out not what causes it, but why energy levels start low and don't replenish.  I ran across a few studies that agree that the mitochondria, the tiny power plants within the cells, aren't working right, whether it's due to damage or something else.  Several studies pointed out that there were nutrients that could possibly mitigate it a bit, and that a lot of those nutrients are present in highest concentration in beef.

Well.  I eat a lot of beef, and I can attest that I feel a lot less bad when I do. 

And recently, a friend who's into body building mentioned that I can get that specific amino acid--L-Carnitine--as a supplement. 

So, I did.  I found it at Walmart for just under $4/bottle of 30 tablets.  Just to try it.

And what do you know: it works.  I was very cautious--for some reason, taking a multivitamin worsens my symptoms.  Taking B vitamins alone worsens my symptoms.  ANY vitamin supplements worsen my symptoms.  I was afraid that this would, too. 

It hasn't. 

I've been taking it for two weeks, now.  The first effect I noticed was clearing brain fog.  On the first day.  The second effect I noticed is that I'm not overeating to try to satisfy food cravings that won't go away (I've lost eight pounds).  And I've started noticing that, when I stop doing housework and sit down, my energy slowly replenishes

I will admit, I double up.  I still eat a lot of beef, and I'm taking the full dose of the supplement every day, at this point.  I don't feel what most people would call "normal."  But I feel a LOT better than I did. 

This isn't for everyone.  It may not work the same even for someone with the same type and intensity of symptoms as I have. 

That said, it is worth trying it.  Just to see. 


  1. That's great news! Glad you're improving!!!

    1. I am incredibly thankful. Now, if Mother Nature would STOP being a moody bitch...seriously, we had freezing rain yesterday. No ice on the roads, but there's ice on the bridges and overpasses.


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