Friday, March 2, 2018


I got up yesterday morning to find my son tying his shoes for the second morning in a row.  He said he'd finished all of the rest of his chores list, so I double checked his ADHD meds...which he forgot.  And then I got into the drawer in the fridge where I keep the kids' egg muffins to do the pixie's breakfast up...and found three of the imp's egg muffins. 

Since yesterday was Thursday, he'd skipped breakfast twice. 

And had hidden it by putting a little bit of salsa in the bottom of a bowl. 

I really didn't need that shit, yesterday, and certainly not before coffee. 

Breakfast, and especially protein, is incredibly important for that particular little beast.  He gets mean and can't focus if he doesn't eat at all, and too many carbs counteracts how well the ADHD meds work to allow him to focus. 

Come to find out he also hadn't been feeding the dog.

He lost his Kindle for a week.  He's not allowed to touch it at all before next Thursday.  He lost TV privileges yesterday.  He is forbidden from getting out of bed before I get him up so I can watch him through his chores to make sure he does them all--and no, "I forgot" is not a valid excuse: he has a makeshift dry erase check list.

And tomorrow, if he gets even a little cranky, I'm putting him down for a nap.

He's 9 yrs old.  I thought I had a few more years before he started pulling this shit. 


  1. Ouch!!! And they do start earlier than my kids did... Sorry to hear that!

    1. They are smart, stubborn, and manipulative. And sarcastic and snarky. But I'm older and sneakier than they are.


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