Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Can we just...pick a time? And stick with it?

I hate the start and end of DST.  Having the time set one way or the other doesn't bother me, but the changeover, both ways, knocks me really off-kilter.  Badly. 

If I can nap today, I'm going to.  My body would love it.  But my brain's too busy.  And too foggy to actually focus on work, damn it.

Beef.  And bacon.  And eggs.  And massive amounts of coffee. 

It's not just me, either.  I know a lot of people with auto-immune disorders, and the couple weeks after time shifts--both of them--are really hard.  Stress triggers flareups of whatever they have, for most disorders. 

There's been almost a century of medical records showing that the rate of heart attacks and strokes spike around the time shifts.  Both of them. 

My kids are cranky as hell--they can't go to sleep, and they can't wake up.  The only thing that has prevented an ADHD meltdown in the imp is that his daily schedule has not otherwise changed.  But both kids are overtired, and oversensitive as a result.  And I know it isn't just my kids. 

Mornings have gotten a lot more dangerous for public school kids riding the bus--the sun's not all the way up, and they have to wait out in the dark or half-light, depending on where they are.  In the country, that increases the danger of animal attacks; in towns it increases the dangers of attacks by critters both four and two-legged, and also increases the likelihood that one of the kids is gonna get hit by a driver drifting too far toward the curb while they're texting, as the kid's waiting too close to the road for the bus.  And a lot of the kids are so groggy that they're not paying enough attention to the multi-ton murder machines driven by morons. 

I don't care if we pick standard or DST to stick with.  I just want to stick with one.  The twice-a-year shift is too hard on too many people.

Just another example of politicians trying to fix a non-existent problem, and creating real ones. 


  1. Ignoring the real impact for 'I did something' gains... sigh

    1. The impact wasn't considered when dst was originally passed by Woodrow Wilson, partially because they had no understanding of what the health issues would be of "springing forward"...and yes, the economic gains during wartime did make a huge difference. However. Its time has passed, and it needs to be changed, one way or the other.


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