Sunday, March 11, 2018

Best laid plans of mice and men...

We've had a 7cu ft chest freezer for about five years, now.  My mother in law had a much bigger one, but isn't using it to capacity anymore.  She decided she wanted to trade (and yes, we do need the bigger capacity, especially as imp and pixie head toward puberty in a few more years).

So, I've been cooking out of the freezer as much as possible.  We got it done earlier this week, and we planned to rent a pickup and make the trade this morning.  We'd planned, actually, for Odysseus to take the kids up to his parents' and leave them there while he brought the other freezer back here.  And then I'd go back up with him (pickup seats three, and charges by the hour). 

Only...the pixie woke up sick.  Running a fever sick.  Not running enough of a fever to be easy to take care of.  But running enough of a fever that we don't want to take her up to get her grandparents sick. 

So, instead of three hours to myself, this morning, I get the wonderful gift of trying to write and make sure the sick pixie stays still on the couch. 

I think I am going to have to figure something else out for supper, too.  Because with her sick, I can't go get the few things I put off getting from Sam's Club on Friday, since what we still need is stuff that goes in the freezer.  Other people may drag their coughing, sickly, germ-y kids out shopping, but I don't. 

Today has been a house of cards for plans. 

Oh, and I'm out of butter, too.


  1. Ouch, and thank you for NOT inflicting the sick child on the public or anyone else... Sigh... If only MORE people had your courtesy!

    1. I do try to behave better than the average Walmartian. And neither kid is old enough to stay home by themselves, yet, maturity-wise.

      I did acquire butter, though. Found a box in the drinks fridge in the garage, right next to the kids' Capri Sun. Which meant I got my Cherry Delight in lieu of cake last night.

  2. Yes, thanks for keeping the germ vector at home. Does Uber or Google or pink dot deliver in your area?

  3. Agh, wrong button. Oh, to have a chest freezer again. I’ve wanted to buy a whole just-weaned calf I could examine myself and have all the good parts wrapped in white paper.

    1. My new freezer is 3x the size of the old one. I like the upright a lot. Means I don't risk falling in when I dig something out of the bottom (I'm REALLY short).


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