Monday, March 26, 2018

Collective responsibility.

I know things are only good or bad as they advance the agenda, but I have a few questions.

Why is it that "not all Muslims" are at fault when some fucker decides to drive a truck down a busy sidewalk?  Or leave a few pressure cooker bombs along a foot-race's path?  But it's the fault of every gun owner out there when a criminal gets ahold of a gun and kills people?

Why is it that those of African descent can call me racist epithets (as well as each other) without any criticism, when I, as someone who truly gives not one half a shit about what color someone's skin is, am held responsible for some racist cumbubble somewhere hundreds of miles from me, just because my skin's the same color as that individual's?

Why is it that "not all gay people are pedophiles" when all priests are tarred with that brush because of the actions of a few?

I find it highly ironic and amusing that the little shits screaming for all guns to be removed from law abiding owners are also now screaming that it's not fair that their school has decided to force them all to submit to visual searches every day at any time anyone chooses (clear backpacks).  I also find it incredibly sad that they think this is a violation of their first amendment rights* when it has nothing to do with speech, assembly, worship, or press.

I do not believe that I am responsible for the actions of any other.  I don't believe anyone is responsible for the actions of another individual (except for Soros, but then again, he's funding a whole lot of the nasty shit destabilizing our society and culture).

Collective responsibility is nasty.  And presupposes that none of us own ourselves as free, independent individuals.

Collective responsibility is a socialist, totalitarian, authoritarian philosophy.  And I love that those who embrace it for others are having it apply to them, too. 

* Fourth.  It's the Fourth Amendment that guarantees the government is not allowed to fuck with our papers or search without a warrant.  If you want to call it the right to be free from self-incrimination, that would also be the Fifth.  NOT the First. 


  1. There you go, using facts and common sense... Sigh...

    1. "Common sense" is, sadly, mostly an oxymoron, these days.


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