Monday, March 19, 2018

Ahhh....that's better...

Waking up this morning was rather unpleasant.  I woke up around 4:30 or so, whimpering.  Not sure if it was my own owie noises that woke me, or if it was the searing pain in my lower back because I was twisted around like a pretzel.  It wasnn't as bad when I got up just before 7:00, but it still wasn't good.  Instead of moving back to my desk immediately, I ended up spending three hours in my recliner, with the soles of my feet braced on the foot rest, and my lower back pressed into a heat pad. 

Things are a lot better, now.  Lower back is only stiff, not still screaming in pain...and I'm back at my desk, where it's possible to use my ergonomic keyboard, instead of the laptop's keyboard.  Which I used all day yesterday, and wrote nearly 5,000 words with...for which I paid last night with extra time to get to sleep because my forearms and hands were throbbing.

We also managed to get the the bookcase we've had the materials for (since October, or so) done.  And moved in.  And loaded up.  We've only got about four more boxes of books out in the garage. 

I do still need to actually organize and inventory the books, but that's doable, now. 

In any case, I have books in my peripheral vision on both sides, now.  Two six foot tall bookcases, with every shelf loaded down.  And this makes me incredibly happy--at peace in a way that's really hard to describe. 

My next project will be figuring out a furniture configuration that permits us to access all the bookcases without having trouble getting behind chairs and stuff.  I think I may have that nailed down, though.  We'll see.  We'll see as soon as I find the papers I wrote down the room measurements on, because I found the graph paper.  After a lot of effort.  Which turned up five more boxes of books. 

In any case, I do feel better.  My back isn't really hurting anymore, and I'm surrounded by books.  Which is a huge boost to my mental/emotional well-being. 


  1. Then it's worth the 'pain' of completing that task!

    1. Eh, wasn't complaining about loading the bookcase--I just wish I could stop turning myself into a pretzel in my sleep and causing muscle/joint pain thataway.

      I do love a library. Being surrounded by books is a joy, an I think I can squeeze two more bookcases in here than I thought...


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