Friday, March 23, 2018

Feeling less like a turtle, recently.

I have spent the last eight or nine years keeping my head down and doing my best to ignore the news.  With the election of Obama and the passing of the "Affordable" Care Act, I felt it was only a matter of time until America, as we knew it, was done. 

I felt that way even stronger with the increasingly clear election rigging in almost every election that happened, like clockwork.

Until November 2016.  I started feeling a little hope, seeing what happened with the House and Senate: so many that I hoped would stand in obstruction to the progressive socialist/totalitarian agenda were elected.  At that point, I was totally discounting Trump.  Given his donations record and his voting record, I thought he'd be flipping and going farther Left than Obama was, and just prayed that Congress would be able to keep him somewhat in check.

I have been...surprised.  In hindsight, it's obvious what happened: his cronies, who could have had things "business as usual," had they not been trying so hard to put Hillary Clinton back in the White House for another eight years (if she survives), pissed him off to the point of pushing him farther to the Right than we've had in the White House since Regan. 

Yesterday, I found myself wandering over to Drudge and skimming headlines.  Not Fox--I don't trust them anymore, even as much as I did--Drudge.  I wanted a clearinghouse of a whole lot of different viewpoints. 

I haven't done that without being prompted since not too long after the imp finished his first year as his own little person separate from me. 

I'm not quite ready to start commenting on things, yet, but I'm back to checking in.  And if there's something that sparks a response, I'll post it, instead of groaning and retreating back into fiction.


  1. Welcome back! Honest voices are always welcomed (at least by us)...

    1. I've never been able to be anything but honest. Which made academia in general, and the humanities in specific, a hostile, stressful work environment.