Monday, November 18, 2013

Time is flying...

So, today, I collected (several of) the last paper for my Comp I class.  I've skimmed through most of them in preparation to start grading them, and they look really good.  Like usual.  When I collect the rest of them (by midnight tonight), it shouldn't be more than an hour or two worth of work to grade. 

My Comp II class workshopped theirs today, and it will be due on Wednesday.  Theirs will take longer, because I'm also grading for MLA formatted works cited. 

After these papers are turned in, graded, and turned back, I may well not see my students again until next semester--my Comp I students started their blogging today, and Comp II will start theirs on Wednesday, and I've told them that they don't have to come to class, so long as they keep up with the blogging on days they're supposed to be in class. 

That just means...more time to write for me.  Three hours a day for the rest of this week, four hours on Monday of next week (classes are cancelled Tuesday afternoon on for Thanksgiving Break), and four hours a day for the next week. 

And then...semester is over.


  1. It's good things are winding down there. You need some time to comptemplate the meaning of the universe, or ready a trashy novel, or something relaxing.

    1. I spent last night with a game, because a character is solidifying in my head. Does that count?

    2. No. To really relax, you have to do something that is completely without any other redeeming virtue. You have to work at relaxing, you know.

    3. The characters don't solidify, if I'm paying attention. It's all in my subconscious.


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