Sunday, November 3, 2013

Has anybody else heard about this?

This article has some decently solid numbers on how many people are now without insurance BECAUSE of the "Affordable" Care Act.

The numbers of uninsured I remember from before the ass-rape of a law was passed was something around 42-47 million.  Now?  It's that many PLUS an extra 900,000 in California; 330,000 in Florida; 130,000 in Kentucky; 140,000 in Minnesota; and 400,000 in Georgia.  Unless my math is wrong, that adds 1.9 million more to the ranks of the uninsured.  And that's only in the states reported in the story. 

If this holds true for the whole nation, I'd estimate that they've destroyed the insurance for fifteen or twenty million people.  Because Florida?  Had around 30,000 people whose plans were grandfathered in.

I've seen numbers that there are roughly 14 million self-insured, and half of that number (at best figure) will have grandfathered plans.  I think ours is one of the grandfathered plans, but they've been tinkering with the rules to reduce the number of plans qualifying for grandfathered status. 

What I' expecting is to start seeing stories that insurance companies are starting to go bankrupt because of the onerous requirements that they're required to spend, and the limits on the amount of money they can take in that doesn't go directly back out for medical care for their customers. 

Especially once we consider all the extra people they'll have to hire to make sure they're still in compliance with the ever-changing goalposts of the "Affordable" Care Act.


  1. Our insurance was cancelled and now the state is telling all the teachers they can only have a Health Reimbursement Account which for us is totally worthless. We will essentially be without any insurance and still have to pay five hundred dollars a year in premiums.

    1. Do you have a local insurance agent? It might be better to actually go looking to see if you can buy an insurance plan on your own. Teachers usually have either chicken or feathers where benefits are concerned, and it looks like y'all got the feathers.

    2. Well, my wife and I are signing up for VA medical benefits, for which we are both eligible. She was in the Navy and I was in the Marine Corps. I told her last night I was going into town and talk to an insurance guy I used to shoot out at the range with. Our big problem is our daughter. She has big medical bills every year because she is in the hospital a lot. She is on our health insurance despite being late 20's because she is considered disabled. But now I think she may have to get the insurance where she works and we will pay her premiums, because an insurance policy that doesn't help with bills until you spend thousands of dollars is useless to us.

    3. I'm sorry for the hardship that King Putt is placing on your family with his abomination known as the "Affordable" Care Act.


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