Friday, November 1, 2013


You're walking along, and you walk past one of those ubiquitous blue mail boxes.  One of the big ones.  Sitting on top of it is a box.  You stop, and examine the situation. 

There is no one else on the street with you.

The box is sitting on top of the mailbox.  Not partially in.  Yes, it could fit in. 

So, you pick it up and look at it. 

Along with the usual mailing address and return address, there is a message scrawled across in Sharpie.  It says: "Do not open until Doomsday.  Love, Pandora."

What do you do?


  1. Open it. If it blows up, you're done worrying about anything. If it doesn't, maybe it is full of silver coins or something good.

  2. I notice the return address is a Liberal so I tape a new address paper over the box.

    To: Obummer...1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
    From : Harry F. Somewhere on a mountain top.

    Then I mail it.

    1. I expect you could just put Harry F and the feds would know where to look for me. If not, I have been deluding myself as to my stature as a gadfly. ;-)

  3. On reflection, since the box is from Pandora the odds of something nice being inside are not high. More likely it's full of imps and other nasty things. I'd open it anyway. Or, I could give it to my wife. She'd have to open it, like Pandora she couldn't stand the suspense.

  4. My response, when this was posed to me, was to peel off the address and return address labels.


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