Saturday, November 23, 2013

random ramblings

So the pixie has really turned a corner on potty training: she went a whole week without an accident, earning herself a new toy.  We took her to pick it out, and she ran all the way into Wal-Mart, dragging Daddy along behind her, then all the way back to the toy section.  She'd already decided what she wanted--the purple My Little Pony--and wanted to get it as fast as she could.  By the time I got the imp inside the store, she was halfway to the toy section. 

She came out carrying the plush toy, rather than the smaller, cheaper, plastic one (which was fine--it was still within her budget).  Apparently, the plastic one wasn't purple enough. 

The imp's favorite time of year is coming.  He loves Christmas, not for the gifts, but for the decorations.  He loves the trees, the lights, the tree decorations...everything.  When the lights start going up on the streets, his voice goes really soft and happy as he describes them.  I think it's really, really cute.  Even when he drags me to the Christmas tree displays in Wal-Mart or Sam's Club. 

He's getting really interested in going to school, now.  It's hard to explain to him that he is not going to any of the schools we drive past on a routine basis.  There is absolutely no way he is going to go to public school. 

The dog...doesn't seem to care that it's bloody cold out.  She wants to go out to her pen regardless of the temperatures.  She demands to go out to her pen, regardless.  She does not want to be a house dog. 

The cats...have gotten alternately squirrelly and heat-seeking.  Cricket has found one of the knitted toys I liberally sprayed down with catnip spray, and has been playing for an hour at a time, carrying this thing around, throwing it into the air, and catching it--all the while talking to it.  Constantly.  For an hour at a time, several times per day.  Her Siamese background is showing. 

Shadow, on the other hand, will steal the toy, and snuggle it on top of a heat vent.  While Cricket runs around yowling and looking for it. 

My students have turned in their last papers (and I've gotten said papers graded).  All that's left now is blogging.  I'll be grading their first week's blogs tomorrow, and they have three posts (comp II) or four (comp I) due between now and the end of semester. 

Which leaves me time to write. 

I have Highway to Tartarus edited and revised, according to what I heard from three of my four beta readers (ahem, MSgt B--I know you're busy, but you're the one I've not heard from), so I'm moving ahead with the publishing process.  My cover artist will be coming over to visit and play with the kids (and eat chili) this afternoon/evening, so I'll keep things going.  I'm hoping to publish sometime before Thanksgiving, so that you can buy copies for loved ones as Christmas presents (hint, hint).

Since that's so close, I'm giving The Godshead away.  E-copy only, and only this weekend (today and tomorrow left), but it's better than a poke in the eye, right?  If you haven't read it, but would like to, but weren't sure if the work of a relatively new author was worth three dollars, now's your chance to pick it up for free (or, if you have a friend that held that opinion, order them a free copy). 

So far, I've given away 53 copies in the U.S., nine in the U.K., five in Denmark, one in Italy, and two in Canada.  I can technically say that I have an international readership.  Even if it's not large.

And if any of you like my work, let me say that I'm very glad you do.  I've been telling myself stories for as long as I can remember, and I'm grateful for the chance to entertain others with them.


  1. I just downloaded in in Aussie land... :-) I need a book to read on the flight home! Looking forward to it!

    1. I hope you enjoy it...and that nobody thinks you're crazy for laughing out loud.

  2. You're right about me being busy.
    Holy shit I'm fucked.


    1. That's quite alright...I imagined it was work keeping you from reading the book and getting back to me.

      Or porn.


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