Friday, November 8, 2013

FFOT: eurg.

I'd found a story that pissed me off royally: here, a divorced or divorcing dad is being taken to court over whether or not he's a fit parent to his four year old boy, because he refused to take the kid to McDonalds. 

I was angry.  I wanted to cunt-punt the bitch ruining her child into orbit. 

And then...I started feeling kinda bad.  I gave it a little bit of time and a 32 oz bottle of water, thinking I might just need to drink some more, but just kept feeling worse.  Had a toddy, and it didn't help. 

I feel like I have the flu: all over aches, and my skin hurts.  And I have to work today.

And that can fuck off.


  1. Everybody is feeling down. Must be something in the water.

  2. Feel better.

    Don't push yourself so much on your goals you lower your immune system.

    1. I've completely dropped my housework goals until I feel better. Writing won't hurt me.

  3. Name-dropping egotists who are all "me me me me I'm so great" can FTFO. Spent the last couple days working around someone like that and it's really got me down.