Saturday, November 16, 2013


I have made some! 

We managed to get some books in the mail for TinCan Assassin, and then headed to PetSmart for some dog food. 

I noticed, last night, that our smart little dog will look at her food, and stir it around with her paw, then pick out the pale bits (dried chicken), and leave the dark kibble.  So, I'd planned to get a small bag of a different flavor of the same brand of dog food (Purina One).  The color is all uniform: the meat is lamb, not chicken. 

I'd forgotten, until we pulled into the parking lot, that PetSmart does adoption days on Saturdays.  There were about half a dozen dogs outside in kennel cages, all begging for attention (which the pixie was glad to grant).  Since today was rainy and windy, there were twice as many dogs inside.  Which delighted the pixie to no end. 

One little dog that had an owner charmed the pixie, and had her almost ready to climb down out of the cart: a lady had a French bulldog on a leash.  A white one.  A white one that looked like he was smiling, and sounded like he belched when he barked.  The pixie clapped her hands, and said, "Aw, the doggie said hello to me!"  Which had the dog's owner nearly melting into a puddle of goo.

(The pixie also squealed and giggled at the clutzy little mouse that couldn't seem to keep its feet in the wheel--or else would stop running and let momentum carry it around in a circle a couple of times before the wheel stopped.)

We found our dog food...and a new floor plate for the dog's kennel.  Dog HATES it.  She's been on the bare concrete for over a month, since the old plate split, and then SHE CHEWED THE THING TO PIECES.  So, I put the new floor in, and she balks at going in to go take a nap.  Will.  Not. 

And then she starts jumping up on the back door.  So, shrug--the rain's stopped, the sun's out, and the wind is quickly drying everything off.  Dog went outside.

I have a bribe for her, in a bit: I've put my worn out terrycloth bathrobe--her favorite bed--in the crate.  I will also put some treats in there.  The bed should stop it from rattling, and the treats are self-explanatory. to go finish the laundry.


  1. You should have ferrets. They only eat what they were "imprinted" on as babies, except in rare instances when they can be tempted with special treats. Right now I have five. One will only eat Marshal's ferret chow, which I have to drive nearly 40 miles one way to get. One eats "Kit and Kaboodles" cat food, and the others eat "Kitten Chow." They also have to have daily rations of Ferret Vitapaste and Ferret coat enhancement oil which I suspect is just codliver oil in a nice bottle. They like that expensive cheese that comes in red wax from Holland, but can only eat it in minescule amounts or they get tummy problems.

    I couldn't get along up here on this mountain without my ferrets.

    1. The dog seems to love the Purina One Lamb and Rice--she wolfs down the whole bowl, kibble and all, within about fifteen minutes of it being set down in front off her. Our cats eat Purina One Healthy Metabolism, because one of our fixed female kitties got lethargic on everything else and ramped up how much she was eating--a sure sign, with cats, that she wasn't getting the nutrients she needed. When we switched her food, she cut down the amount and started playing again.

      I, personally, would love to have ferrets. I think they're wonderful creatures--furry, bouncy little slinkies. Problem is that Odysseus doesn't like them, and I'd have to gain status as a breeder so that I could not have to have them fixed until it wouldn't damage their health. And, I'm not sure how well they'd do with small children.


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