Friday, November 1, 2013

FFOT: a list

Radical feminists.  Radical feminists can fuck the fuck off.  So can radical Leftists, the radical Right, radical Christians, rabid radical evangelical atheists, radical Muslims...basically radical anything.  I cannot stand radicals, or radicalism. 

Parents.  Selfish parents.  Selfish parents who don't bother teaching their sprogs how to behave, who decide to go to a pep rally at a local school instead of taking small children trick-or-treating early, who simply don't care enough about their children to be parents.  Those people can fuck off with a rusty coat hanger. 

My colleagues who are proponents of Common Core.  The Lexiles aren't the only thing that sucks donkey dick--the whole thing is designed to create cogs for the national machine, much like Brave New World created alphas, betas, deltas, and gammas to fill certain positions in society, only without the artificial creation of mental disabilities to ensure the bottom layer is happy in their positions. 

Tell me what's bugged you this week in the comments.


  1. short list

    radical sports enthusiast
    left leaning ass-hats
    Kathleen "Lying Bitch" Sebelius.



  2. The people in the media who LOVE doing the stupid "killjoy" stories about "OMG HALLOWEEN CANDY WILL ROT YOUR CHILD'S TEETH" or "OMG GOING OUT TRICK OR TREATING IS UNSAFE" or whatever. No, it's NEVER as bad as you make it out to be. Shut the hell up. And also, pre-emptively shut the hell up about:

    1. Thanksgiving dinner is high in calories
    2. Thanksgiving is a "bad" holiday because back in the 1700s and 1800s, Native people got a really raw deal from the Europeans. (I don't debate that second thing, but I don't think the first follows from it)
    3. People get really depressed during the holidays so holidays are bad
    4. Christmas excludes people who aren't Christian so you bad Christians should dial back your happiness some
    5. Christmas is too commercial
    6. Christmas treats are too fattening
    7. People are "not productive" at work in November and December because they're involved with holidays

    And on, and on. I get the feeling some of those writers just want to eliminate everything that's fun and good, and make us all just walk around in gray jumpsuits and be little worker drones who never get treats.

    1. I usually just laugh at the miserable bastards that try to make everyone else as miserable as they are

      Puritanism: the unreasoning fear that someone, somewhere is having a good time.

  3. What has bugged me this week. Hmmmmm! Short list.

    My mother in law and a brother in law are "visiting" from the Philippines, the bro in law supposedly to help me with work around the homestead. Great people, but...

    No experience at doing any work. Work he does sucks to a perfect vacuum. I have to go back and fix all his abundant mistrakes to the point I'm better off doing it myself. When he is most needed as a second pair of hands, I can count on the fact he will be somewhere else. But I notice he is NEVER late to the table!

    MIL sneaks around like a mouse. I've watched her peek around corners to see if I'm there. From the little she has said to me it is clear she thinks her daughter screwed up marrying me. She does cook since my bride works, but she is killing me with the amount of salt she uses.

    Apparently there are no flies in the PPNS because neither of them know how to close the damn door and there are almost as many inside as outside and I seem to the the only one who knows what a flyswatter is for.

    I am used to spending a LOT of time home alone with the livestock and when all are gone is a RARE treat. And they'll be here past Christmas.


  4. Customers who think it's my job to be their buddy/pal/best friend can FO with a hot coffee enema.