Monday, November 25, 2013

And final tally on The Godshead...

80 copies of The Godshead were given away in the US, 11 in the UK, 7 in Denmark, 1 in Italy, and 3 in Canada, for a total of 102 copies given away.

And Highway to Tartarus is finished with the file review.  I'll be working through the final look today, and probably setting it to publish tonight or tomorrow.  It should be up for sale in a couple of days.

I've only got students coming in for help today.  Four hours of free time to do nothing but write, since I've got their papers graded.

This is a good thing, because I'm still sitting at just over 30,500 words on Resurgent

Today is the last day before Thanksgiving Break.  I'm going to be working hard to finish writing the first draft of Resurgent by Friday.  After that, I have a story to write by request: TinCan Assassin's daughter has asked me to write a story about her toy horse.  I'll see how that turns out.

I'm debating what to work on next year, after I finish writing Fire and Forge: Love Lives of the Gods.  It's gonna be a series of story chapters centered around Hephaestus and Sigyn (Loki's widow), with stories about others thrown in.  I'm gonna throw out the options, and see what you all think.

1. Lost Girls has, I think, come unstuck.  It's main character is a socially awkward vampire who takes in a human roommate--a young private eye who she saved from rape. 

2. Cold Fey Fire is a sort of a coming of age story--a young woman with a few issues leftover from growing from infancy to young adulthood in the foster care system finds out she's half elf, and neither side of her family (her mother's ancestors or her elf father) are willing to give her the space she needs to figure out who she is.  This is a rewrite of the first novel I ever wrote. 

3. CPA--not what you think: CPA stands for Certified Public Assassin.  In a world not too unlike ours, moral laws have all been repealed, and our assassin is working to pay off her late father's last medical bills so that her mother isn't sent to prison for fraud.

4. Welcome to Winston-Salem University--a young woman is accepted to a tiny university near Salem, Massachusetts that the students and faculty refer to as Weird Shit University, a place that has not only the usual humanities classes, but classes in different areas of occult studies, due to having untapped magical talent. 

The last option is...a little different.  I have a book idea based on a past life of the character Rowan from my Modern Gods books, set not long before the fall of Atlantis.  It is definitely going to be NC-17.  I initially wasn't sure about writing this book for more than just my own entertainment, because the character is very young when she kills for the first time, only a little bit older when she becomes the security for the bar, and runs away to be a mercenary at fourteen, when her foster father tries to press her into being a whore like her mother.  And violence isn't all.

So, what do you think?  Which option should I focus on after I finish Resurgent, the horse story, and Fire and Forge


  1. They all sound great, but the CPA concept sounds the most intriguing.

    1. If you'd like to meet the character, I've written some stuff (from her perspective) here:

  2. If I had to choose, I would vote for either CPA or the Rowan story. Honestly, though, I would welcome the opportunity to read any of them. Write faster! :)

    1. I would write faster, if it was my main source of income. Unfortunately, my stories aren't what's paying the bills.

      The minute that changes, I'm gonna try to write faster. We'll see how much I can get done over Christmas Break (which starts on Pearl Harbor day, for me, and runs to mid-January).


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