Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yeah...think I will be self-publishing.

Found an article discussing ten reasons why it's a good idea.  The author linked three blogs that are written by authors that have found major success self-publishing ebooks--and major nightmares working with traditional publishers.  They've dealt with the tiny cuts of the cover price they get (8-15%, by some estimates--out of which the agents get paid), the publishing houses screwing them over by changing their titles, giving their books crappy covers, printing but not publishing their books, and going ape-shit because they dared to e-publish their own work instead of dealing with the crap-sandwich the traditional publishers like to hand out.

I don't even think so.  I already hate people as a group (individuals are fine, but groups lose whatever intelligence the individuals may have).  I don't need more reasons.


  1. When you use your own $$ to publish....there is no limit as to what you can do!

    1. Best yet--epublishing with Amazon is free. They just take 30% of the top of any sales I make.


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