Sunday, May 27, 2012

An education in the intricacies of bureaucratic stupidity

I will be the first to say that education is an important part of becoming a functional adult...but I will also be the first to admit it's not as important as this Texas school district thinks.  Especially not in cases like 17 year old honor student Diane Tran, who was working two jobs to support herself, and older (!) brother, and a younger sister, after her parents abandoned her and her younger sister. 

She's gotten an education, all right.  It's not the one she needs to have. 

Were I her, I'd deprive the public school system of the funding that's attached to her, as well as take her test scores out of the district average, by dropping out and getting her GED.  I'd say she's more of a responsible adult than any of her district's employees, officials, truant officers, or the judge that sentenced her to jail for truancy when she couldn't make it to her morning classes after working from just after school one day until just before school on the next. 


  1. That is not right. Idiots. We have a friend in KY who had to go to court for her sons attendance. Total B.S. and a waste of court time and money.

  2. Homeschooling. It's the only answer. Fuck the system.