Friday, July 2, 2010

We really need some type of a mental competence test for congresscritters.

I mean, if they're as disconnected from reality as Nancy Pelosi, they really need to be institutionalized, not re-elected every time they come up.

There is no way extending unemployment payments will help the economy. The only thing that will accomplish is to basically put people on welfare, and get them to not look for work. It is, after all, human nature to put forth the least amount of effort to maintain their standard of living. If people can just collect a government check and not work...well, they won't work.

No, the fastest way to create jobs would be to cut taxes, both those on personal income and those on corporate income. Oh, and repeal a whole lot of the regulations and rules (like the community reinvestment act) that directly contributed to the crash.

Instead, we're slated for some massive tax and regulation increases, beginning within the next six months.

Oh, goody.

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