Thursday, July 22, 2010

Working hard, or hardly working?

BP has Photoshopped enough photos of the cleanup efforts on their website that it gives the impression of the latter--at least at first.

However, as I read the rest of the story, I realized that they were trying to avoid the appearance that they weren't doing enough. Yeah, they doctored pictures of a pilot sitting in a helicopter sitting on a ship's deck to make it look like he was in the air. The undoctored picture shows that the pilot is doing pre-flight checks in preparation to taking off. In other words, in an attempt to look like things are being done, BP gave the opposite impression. Same with the photoshopped monitor images.

Obama would blame Bush.


  1. They photoshopped photos to make themselves look better?

    Dammit, what I said the other day stands: EVERYONE is lying right now. And I want it to STOP. And it sucks ass. I don't trust or believe anyone anymore, not even my own mother.

  2. I promise you now, Ricki: I don't lie. Not even to make someone feel better. Kinda makes me a bitch, sometimes, but...hey.

    As for BP and the photoshop issue...the way I see it, they were kinda damned if they did, damned if they didn't. Yeah, they lied. I don't know of a single corporation, politician, or institution that doesn't. It's why I insist on seeing the raw data, not the press releases, news stories, or anything else before I fully believe something.


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