Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shock! Dismay!

Americans are self-rationing their health care! That isn't right! Don't they know that's the government's job?

Okay, all sarcasm aside, the current recession is causing people to forgo the Cadillac insurance plans with no deductible, go to urgent care clinics and doc-in-the-box offices for standard checkups (instead of going to the family doctor at twice the rate), and elect not to have the elective procedures they might have gone for in years past.

The health care industry are a little puzzled. And concerned. This is going to force them to lower their prices to attract business back, for a while, at least.

That's the best thing about a demand-driven economy: prices are self correcting. Goods and services only cost what people are willing to pay. And, until Obamacare/mandatory Medicaid comes into effect and turns it into a command-driven sector of the economy, the health care industry is still demand-driven. Doctors and insurers can only charge what people are willing to pay.


  1. With a lifetime of working in healthcare, I'm still not sure WTF is going to happen........

  2. Look at Britain. Or Canada. If Obamacare runs as planned, that's how we'll end up.

    Most of the country is working to mitigate the plan, if not dismantle it entirely, so I still have a little hope.


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