Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sorry, Senator Conrad, but I just don't see it.

I've been thinking for days, and I just don't see how the interstate commerce clause permits you to argue that Obamacare/mandatory Medicaid is constitutional. Especially not since you also believe in a woman's right to privacy (pro-abortion), and this bill is one of the biggest federal invasions of privacy out there, despite what your side says to the contrary.

First of all, the interstate commerce clause doesn't apply, because I don't think there's a state out there that permits people to buy health insurance from out of state--which is one of the leading causes of high-cost health insurance. Therefore, the decision to purchase (or not purchase, as the case may be) a good or service in one place does not automatically mean that there was a possibility that an individual may have purchased said good or service elsewhere. In this case, there wasn't. Which renders your argument void.

Too bad more Americans aren't aware of their history, laws, and limits that the Constitution was created to place on you.

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