Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Massachusetts is trying to bypass the constitution with their little game with the electoral college.

While I can see it coming back to bite them in the ass, I still think that they're trying to disenfranchise flyover country, rather than themselves. Where is the greatest concentration of population? Blue states. Where is the greatest concentration of Democrat votes? Inner cities and cemeteries.

Massachusetts isn't the only state that's pushed this through, either. So have Illinois (Chicago), New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, and Washington. They claim that it wouldn't come into effect unless more states pass similar legislature.

Like what happened when the 17th amendment was passed, the states that have passed this claim they want the people to have a greater say in who is elected President. And like the reality of how senators quit listening to the people once the state legislatures no longer seated and recalled them, this new law is going to do nothing but shaft the people it's supposed to benefit.

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