Thursday, July 22, 2010

Steny Hoyer's right, but not the way he thinks he is.

Hoyer claims that America has been rationing health care for a long time, through insurers that deny coverage based on cost.

I assume he means health insurance providers that deny coverage to preexisting conditions unless one pays out the ass to get the condition covered, or that (because of regulations requiring this, that, and the other to be covered) is too expensive for the average family to afford without giving up luxuries like XBox systems and games.

Actually, the "health insurance providers" that are the most at fault for rationing care (like Britain and Canada do) are the VA, and Medicaid. Government providers.

Here's a bit of anecdotal evidence: in Missouri, at least, if you need dentures, can't afford to pay for them yourself, and are on Medicaid, tough shit. Medicaid ain't paying for them. Ask my mother.

Need glasses? Medicaid pays for a new pair every two years. Even for kids that may need new prescriptions every year.

Need hip replacement surgery? Welcome to the waiting list. They may get to you sometime before you die--unless they determine that it isn't worth it.

If you're on thyroid medication, as soon as you get put on Medicare/Medicaid, your doctor will lower your dosage or take you off. What do you need a health weight or energy level for? You don't contribute.

It's not the private sector denying care. They do deny coverage at what most people deem reasonable prices, but they don't deny care like the government programs do.

But that's okay. Before too long, Obamacare/mandatory Medicaid will apply to everyone, and we'll all be getting exactly the same denial of care that the government programs have always been so famous for.

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