Saturday, July 24, 2010

I hope it works...

For a nation that has been accustomed to cradle-to-(early) grave socialized medicine for more than sixty years, it's going to be incredibly hard for Britain to successfully decentralize.

However, if they don't, with the current economic problems the entire world is having, they're doomed.

We need to learn from their (and Canada's, and New Zealand's, and everywhere else that's tried it) mistakes, and dump Obamacare/mandatory Medicaid before it completely destroys the best, most advanced health care in the world through starving it for funding, and choking it with regulations.


  1. I hope so, too. It actually gives me some hope that the UK may be moving away from the failed model of socialism. (I have a family friend who used to live there - she was born there - and had some unpleasant stories about NHS, even from its early days).

    I hope maybe TPTB here see the writing on the wall before Obamacare gets entrenched.

  2. They've had it since '48. It's going to be a rough transition, no matter how they play it. I'm praying for them.


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