Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just another reason I won't be talking to any census worker.

Not even with innocuous questions like names, ages, and sexes of people living in my home. All the census needs to know is that three people live at this address. A mom in New Jersey probably wishes she'd had the same attitude.

Amy Schmalbach answered the door, saw the badge, and thought she'd be safe. Then she noticed that the worker looked a little familiar. After he left, she realized where she'd seen him: in her state's sex offender registry. She probably was safe, but if her children were girls, she just gave him the info he needed to go after them.

One commenter mentioned that they thought he was entitled to a job, because everybody's got to eat, right? In my opinion, those that target children for sex attacks not only don't deserve a job, but don't deserve freedom, and honestly don't even have a right to keep breathing.

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