Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gun-free zones=target-rich environments

A woman who worked at a university health center (double jeopardy, there) was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon.

When are we, as a nation, going to wise up and refuse en mass to tolerate the government's refusal to allow us to defend ourselves? When are we going to stop respecting the laws banning guns from certain areas, which does nothing but make us vulnerable?

I've said it before: only those who are law-abiding already are made vulnerable. Those who have harmful intent are going to ignore the "gun-free zone" rules as applied to themselves.

Or, no. Those with criminal intent choose to make their attacks in "gun-free zones" because they know their intended victims don't have the capability of fighting back.

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  1. Ever notice how you'll never see a "crazy" shoot up a school, restaurant, or shopping center in the inner city. Gangbangers are always shooting it out with each other but if some crazy tried to shoot up the "hood", they would be met by murderous return fire.


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