Sunday, May 23, 2010

I think their cost-benefit analysis is skewed.

Analysts are saying that California's proposed laws targeting child predators for longer prison terms are going to cost "many millions."

I don't think they've really thought this out. How many children's lives would this new legislation save? How many lives in that one state are ruined annually, and what effect would this new legislation have?

In other words, what is the dollar amount that each child's life and emotional/mental health worth?

Apparently, not that much in California.


  1. One round of .45 ACP Full Metal Jacket costs about .40 cents. I would gladly donate the first two boxes to alleviate California's expense of incarcerating child predators.

    One round right between the eyes, about 1/2 inch above the bridge of the nose will immediately cease all life problem solved.

  2. I agree. Hell, a round of 9mm Makarov (my favored round) JHP costs about .15 cents per round. Two to the chest, one to the head would do the trick just as well, for about the same cost as your .45, with a lot more satisfaction. I'd be happy to help California out with its budget problem, as a survivor of such.

  3. Whatever......

    They can't be 'cured' so they MUST remain OFF THE STREETS--and of course, the death penalty should apply to repeaters!

    Devil's island, Alcatraz ...where ever....our moth ball Navy ships anchored way off shore.....

  4. There shouldn't be any repeaters, but yeah. I see your point.

    I still think putting them down is a better option.