Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We're being tested, and tested hard.

How else do you explain this? And how do you explain it being called a "nonevent"?

Sorry, exploding luggage in an airport doesn't strike me as a nonevent. It strikes me as another failed terror attempt, or at the very least a test. And calling it a "nonevent" strikes me as someone trying to cover just how bad a job airport security is doing.

We are so fucked.


  1. It's basic math.......

    Anyone who thinks we can stop 100% of "terrorist" attacks is a fool.

    In that regard, there is doom in the future.

    WE must be prepared to retaliate!

  2. I never thought we could stop 100%, but we're getting complacent, letting the PC police dictate our responses, and more is getting through than should be.

  3. You're absolutely right in that we're getting complacent and the PC Police are dictating our response. Last time I flew, I watched elderly women being wanded and patted down as they stood there with their arms out. I felt bad for these ladies as we all know who the threat is and it wasn't them.

    There's no way to stop them all but we do know who to look for and their habits.