Thursday, May 20, 2010

This needs someone not affiliated with the PD to investigate.

Recently, a little girl was killed by a SWAT team making a dynamic entry in Detroit, MI. The SWAT team served a no-knock warrant on the wrong half of a duplex, and the SWAT guys claimed that the little girl was killed by a negligent discharge when an officer had to wrestle with a woman over his gun.

Turns out there was both more to the story, and that the cop's story was completely false. Turns out that there was a reality show filming that particular SWAT team, and the film crew's work caught the cop's lie: there was a flash-bang thrown through the window, immediately followed by a shot fired through the door from the porch.

A&E needs to not turn all copies of the footage over to the PD in question, even if it's subpoenaed. In fact, Detroit's PD shouldn't be involved in the investigation at all, other than as the parties under investigation.

We don't need Rambo shooting little girls, even in drug-ridden slum cities.


  1. This wouldn't be the first time cops got the wrong address during a raid.

  2. No, it wouldn't. It's one of the reasons we want to move out of town. Neither my husband nor I would hesitate to shoot someone who kicked in our door, and I'd really hate to shoot a cop.