Sunday, May 23, 2010

And if mandatory Medicaid has the same results on quality of care here as it's had elsewhere...

Where will the poor Canadians, Brits, and Mexicans go for surgeries that improve the quality or length of life?

Like this little boy, born with a lymphatic system deformity in the left side of his face. He's coming to the U.S. to get the treatment that will change his life and leave him...normal. Why here? Because Canadian doctors aren't capable of the same quality of care as American doctors, nor are the hospitals capable of an equal quality of care, after socialized medicine being in place for so long.

Key quote: "Doctors in Canada were unable to perform the surgery to remove the growth due to the complexity of the procedure..."

This is where we're headed. But where will we go to get the complex procedures done, once we've sunk to the same level of quality as every other country with socialized medicine?


  1. A lot of these surgeries are done pro-bono by many docs in the USA....

  2. For now they are. Just wait: in ten or fifteen years, the real experts will be retiring (or retired), and the watered-down quality of the rest that are willing to be slaves to the government aren't going to be able to do the same type or quality of work.

    And even if the doctors work pro bono, the hospitals typically don't.